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API Access

API Documentation - Error Codes

Error Codes

001: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
002: Failed to parse request
The XML-RPC request document could not be parsed.
010: Missing API Key
The API key passed is missing.
011: Invalid API Key
The API key passed is not valid or has expired.
020: Missing Session ID
You did not pass a session id and session id is required
021: Invalid Session ID
The passed session id is not valid
031: Invalid Method
This method does not exist in the method list.
032: Method not Available
This method is not available for this API Key.
100: You must specify at least one of: keywords, category, photographer_id or orientation for the search
At least one of these fields must be present in the search.
101: Missing Media ID
A media id is required but not passed
102: Invalid Media ID
Passed media id is invalid
2001: Invalid Language ID
The language ID passed is not valid or doesn't exist in the fotolia available language list.
2101: Invalid Thumbnail Size
The thumbnail size passed is not valid or doesn't exist in the PhotoXpress available thumbnail size list.
3000: Insufficent Download Quota
User does not have enough downloads to download the file
3001: Invalid download type: x for media: y
Invalid download type was specified for the media file
3002: Unknown search result field
One of the fields in the search request is invalid.
4000: Login Failed
Login failed
4002: Bad Login or Password
Login or password is incorrect.
4003: User creation error: message
User creation failed for provided reason
4004: User creation error
User creation failed for unspecified reason